The Avella Method

"Simplifying self help"
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Our program simplifies self-improvement by establishing a foundation for immediate happiness and fulfillment. We assist you in crafting a personal guidebook, an “operating system for life,” to intentionally direct your actions and decisions towards a fulfilling life.




Our Main Services

When you create a blueprint for living your best life, you no longer have to sift through endless books and videos searching for the right guidance. You now have a reference point to return to daily, helping you stay on track towards self-improvement.

No more wasting time on trying to find the next “life hack”, your personal operating system provides you with a roadmap for personal growth and success.

Personalized Philosophy of Life creation:

As a subscriber to our exclusive personalized philosophy of life service, you’ll receive more than just a simple set of guidelines. You’ll receive a physical copy of your own tailored “philosophy of life” handbook, one that will serve as a daily companion on your journey towards living a life of excellence. Your personalized philosophy book will include a mission statement to provide focus and intent each day, unique “Rules for Life,” effective self-help resources that match your values and beliefs, and other helpful daily references.

Optimization and Accountability program:

Our services go beyond simply crafting a personalized philosophy. We believe in fostering real, lasting change and empowering individuals to optimize every aspect of their lives. We provide you with the tools necessary to actualize the best version of yourself. Our accountability coaching services help you create a habit-based system to successfully implement your new philosophy into your daily routines. We believe in moving people from theory, to practice, to self-mastery!

Mental resiliency and self-discipline coaching:

We help individuals build mental toughness, increase their ability to handle difficult situations and improve overall well-being by teaching our clients a variety of techniques, such as stress management, building self-awareness, positive thinking, emotional regulation, and other mindset shifting skills.

Other Services We Provide


Coaching for Young Men and Fathers

Health and wellness coaching

Accountability Coaching

Optimization coaching

“ Adopting a personal philosophy is like having a GPS for the soul.  It navigates you with purpose, Intent and precision, so you’re not taking unnecessary detours in life”.


– Giuliano Avella